Jesus Matters (PDF)
Jesus Matters (PDF)
Jesus Matters (PDF)
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Jesus Matters (PDF)

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Jesus Matters is a great tool to use when teaching people about salvation. It has many discussion questions that will foster an interactive and engaging environment for each lesson.

  • Each lesson is intended to last 30—50 minutes.  

Lesson 1 uses the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery to show that Jesus will take away the darkness and shame caused by sin. Lesson 2 uses the life and ministry of Matthew to show that Jesus gives outcasts and sinners a new identity. Lesson 3 uses the Exodus account to illustrate the cleansing power of the Cross. Jesus Matters was first taught by the author to show students the redemptive love of Jesus, as portrayed in three Biblical stories.

Easy to teach.

Easy to learn.

*21 pages.

This resource will be available to download upon purchase.

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