In the Steps of the Messiah (PDF)
In the Steps of the Messiah (PDF)
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In the Steps of the Messiah (PDF)

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In this PDF ebook, readers gain access to the full-color, interactive version of the book and study cards.

Looks great on iPads, digital readers, and smartphones! 

Each year leading up to Easter many people consider the sacrifice of Jesus and why it matters. They wonder why and how Jesus was given to such brutality. Is Jesus simply a historical character with no relevance in the modern world? Is He only a distant religious teacher with no significance in our daily lives? Who is Jesus, really? Where do we go to learn more about Him? What does the Bible say about His life and ministry?

In the Steps of the Messiah has been written to answer questions like these. The goal of this study is to present the life and times of Jesus in thirty daily narratives. Each narrative includes photos from Palestine and represents a scene in the life of Jesus. Following each narrative are reflection points to engage readers in personal or group study.

Let’s take this journey together. Let’s observe the events leading up to His birth. Let’s join with the Gospel writers and see Him teach and hear Him pray. Let’s witness the miracles, observe the trial, and feel His heartbeat on Calvary’s hill. Let’s follow the Messiah and walk in His steps!

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