Interpersonal Skills Assessment
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Interpersonal Skills Assessment

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In this 16-question survey, students are assessed as a "desperate," "average," or "excellent" team player. Used in Rocket House Seminars around the world, this team building exercise challenges leaders to consider how they influence the overall culture of the teams on which they serve. 

Many leaders are independently gifted and passionate. However, this does not guarantee team success. Regardless of a person’s talents, pedigree, or expertise, if they are unable to collaborate with different types of people, respond positively to outside feedback, and show their appreciation for others, they will harm the overall culture of their team. To succeed over the long term, leaders must learn how to utilize their capabilities together with others.

As a part of our Lead Well Seriesthe Interpersonal Skills Assessment is perfect for staff training or as a team building exercise. Sit down with your fellow leaders and discover the following principle: team culture always trumps team competence.

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