To Be Like Christ (PDF)
To Be Like Christ (PDF)
To Be Like Christ (PDF)
To Be Like Christ (PDF)
To Be Like Christ (PDF)
Jason Gration

To Be Like Christ (PDF)

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This resource includes a media slide presentation (39 slides).

The summit awaits those who are willing to rise to the challenge. The pace of the world is ever quickening and the incline ever increasing. In this process, it is vital that the church resist the urge to reflect quick, shallow, or dull Christianity. We are called to persevere, stand out, and follow the example of Christ.

Jason Gration challenges all ages to reflect Jesus, and guides students through the scriptures that reveal his character. In these six lessons, students will discover five attributes of Jesus, and be encouraged to reflect the character of the Messiah. With this curriculum, students will be well-equipped to dig deep, reach wide, and live like Him.

Lesson topics include:

    • A Life that Looks like Jesus
    • Compassion
    • Forgiveness
    • Obedience
    • Mercy
    • Focus

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As a youth leader, pastor, and missionary, Jason Gration is passionate about discipleship. He grew up as the son of missionaries in the South Pacific and currently lives in Cairns, Queensland, Australia where he pastors Hope Divine United Pentecostal Church. Previously, he taught at the Apostolic College of Theological Studies in Port Vila, Vanuatu. He is married to Janie, his wife of seven years, and is father to a newborn son, Jonathan.

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